Awards & Exhibitions: Links included

Jacksons Amateur Artist Award 2018: Winner and peoples choice award winner with 2 works

Ruth Borchard Exhibition 2019: Commended by the judges, running from May – October 2019
Jacksons Open Painting Prize 2019: Shortlisted

About Me

Thank you for visiting my artist page! Hailing from The Wirral and now living in London, I am a self taught artist. I have always had a desire to create something whether that be a painting or even writing songs on the guitar. I had a natural flair for drawing from an early age, this carried on through to high school gaining top grades and on to collage studying for A levels. After the first year of college and due to personal reasons my interest began to wane so my career path changed and I started training to become a Royal Marines Commando.
I served just over 8 years in the Royal Marines mainly with 42 Commando RM and conducted 2 tours of Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps I went into the private security sector and spent 3 years protecting merchant vessels from the threat of pirates. During this time I would take small canvasses out with me and this rekindled my love of art again. I also wrote many songs on guitar and released a comedy album about my time in the Royal Marines with 20% profits going to a Royal Marines charity. Most of the paintings I did during this time were given to a local charity from my hometown called Friends of Grange Hill and were auctioned off.
Since then I have settled in London with my Wife, cracked an Ironman, gained a cat and released another music album. I only started taking painting seriously again in November 2017 and subsequently received my first decent set of oil paints as a Christmas present and I have never looked back. I am now chasing the dream to become a full time artist.
The image shown here is of one of my early paintings which I donated to Help Our Wounded Royal Marines And Supporting Arms so they could auction it off with all proceeds going towards the charity. The image was taken during OP Volcano on OP Herrick 5 in a place called Kajaki, Helmand. I was also based there at the time and my friend who took the reference photo was the unit photographer Gaz Faulkner.
Thanks for reading!
Michael Sheldon